The Ranch Malibu Skincare

You can now enjoy the luxuries of visiting The Ranch Malibu – a Hollywood favorite locale for honoring individual beauty through detox, personal growth and inspiration – via their recently-launched skincare line.

Heather Bradley of Bradley Beauty in Brentwood Village (a.k.a. the best facial in town) has collaborated with The Ranch to create a line of organic beauty  products that are unique, small-batched and handmade from products grown directly on their farms. 

We particularly love the Sun Soaked Sage, a facial and body mist, perfect for pre-sunscreen and foundation to purify the skin before application. It also serves as a lovely way to freshen up your surroundings, due to the healing properties of its primary ingredient, sage.

Their Bee’s Milk Facial Scrub is is another favorite, perfectly formulated with honey, lemon and fine-grain sugar to create a perfect skin brightener with pore-reducing qualities.

You can find all products on The Ranch website, as well as on Violet Grey.

How Celebrities Prepare for the Oscars, from Botox Neck Lifts to Fat Freezing

Hollywood’s best aestheticians and dermatologists reveal their red carpet beauty secrets

Rachel Marlowe



The Sunday Times, February 25 2018, 12:01am

Next Sunday, the 90th Academy Awards will take place and, for many Oscar hopefuls, the long, gruelling road to being red-carpet ready will take as long as preparing their acceptance speeches. Perfect, glowing skin and taut, toned limbs are practically prerequisites on the biggest night of the year, but how to look as if you’ve had nothing done when, in fact, that’s all you’ve been doing for the past few weeks? Here, we reveal what Hollywood’s best aestheticians and dermatologists offer to create an award-winning appearance.

The Botox neck lift
“The slick forehead is passé,” says Lisa Goodman, owner of GoodSkin Los Angeles, whose speciality is the untouched look. “People realise now that trying to look too young just makes you look older.” Her mantra? Forget about Botox for wrinkles; instead, think of it for lift. “The face is covered in muscles — some that pull up, but more that pull down,” she says. Her most-requested treatment this awards season is the Botox neck lift — the neck is an oft-neglected area that can be the first to show signs of ageing. “Placement is key,” Goodman says. “The Botox is injected under the jaw near the ear to release spasms and tensions in the neck and create a longer, more elegant profile and upright appearance.” 
In London Dr Daniel Sister, from £250

The face scrape
Industry insiders flock to veteran Hollywood facialist Heather Bradley for her Signature Scrape, a two-hour treatment during which she gently shaves off dead skin, fine “peach fuzz” hair and what she likes to call “barnacles” from the face, neck and décolleté, using a technique called dermaplaning. “It’s a painless, non-invasive, healthy trauma. It’s actually incredibly relaxing — a lot of clients fall asleep during the treatment,” Bradley says reassuringly. “It jumpstarts natural collagen production by increasing cellular turnover and leaves the skin looking youthful.” The treatment is done on clean, dry skin and results in instantly smoother skin texture and tone, while the long-term effects include the reduced appearance of fine lines and a significant reduction in acne scarring.
In London Dr David Jack offers dermaplaning, from £150



The infrared body wrap 
The secret to not sweating it on the red carpet? Turn up the heat with Cynthia Franco’s signature Head to Toe Glow treatment, during which clients are cocooned in a full infrared body wrap for a 50-minute sweat session — the wrap slowly heats up to about 55C — while Franco administers a bespoke facial. “Far infrared rays deeply detoxify the skin,” Franco says. “The treatment improves circulation, oxygenates the blood and boosts collagen production.” And there’s more — the American Medical Association concluded that a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn about 600 calories. “Regular infrared sessions raise the metabolism, so you burn calories even when you are not on the treatment table,” Franco says. “On the big day, my clients find they fit nicely into that red-carpet dress.” Salma Hayek and Amber Heard are fans. 
In London KXU offers infrared-sauna sessions, from £35

Mini fat freezing 
The hottest fat-freezing treatment on the market has finally been given a makeover of its own. CoolSculpting, a non-surgical body-contouring procedure that uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze away fat cells, is now available in Petite. This means it can target smaller areas, such as the flesh on the back of the arms. “It’s liposuction with zero downtime,” says Dr Glenn Vallecillos of DMH Aesthetics, who recommends a course of two to three sessions, six weeks apart, for optimum results. During this painless, non-surgical procedure, areas of fat are sucked into a handheld, vacuum-like device and cooled to -5C, at which temperature the fat cells are destroyed without damaging surrounding tissue. “The satisfaction rate is close to 100%, because it hits those areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, and it can be done on much slimmer body types,” he says. 
In London PHI Clinic, from £650



The skin fix 
When it comes to flawless, head-to-toe, red-carpet-ready skin, former actress and stuntwoman Gina Mari has it covered. “I always ask my clients what they are going to be wearing,” Mari says. “We take the gown into consideration and make sure that every inch of skin on display is smooth, even and toned.” Mari’s comprehensive Birthday Suit service involves an arsenal of treatments, starting with full-body diamond microdermabrasion to slough off dead skin, followed by a full-body lactic-acid wash (read: a peel) and a round of vitamin C-infused microdermabrasion. “This really helps to brighten dull winter skin and get rid of discolouration on the elbows and knees,” she says. Mari then contours the body using radio frequency and ultrasound therapy to tighten the skin on the upper arms and knees, before sending clients to lie under a full-body LED light-therapy panel to stimulate collagen production. “Maintaining beautiful skin is an neverending battle against time, genetics and our environment,” she says.
In London Cadogan Clinic offers Accent body contouring, from £500

The laser toner
“The one thing everyone can benefit from is laser toning,” says A-list dermatologist Dr David Colbert, who regularly jets from coast to coast to administer his cult Triad Facial for the face, hands and even feet on the likes of Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts. “It really improves skin quality and makes cheekbones pop.” Colbert recently teamed up with The Wellness Clinic at Harrods to offer the treatment, which includes microdermabrasion to remove dead skin, followed by several passes with a YAG laser, which emits 5,000 light pulses a minute to stimulate collagen and increase skin firmness, and a chemical peel to deliver instant tightness, brightness and luminosity. “On the red carpet, my clients want to glow,” he says. “Laser immediately delivers a smoother, tighter, more lifted look for the face.”
In LA 
In London The Wellness Clinic, Harrods, from £800

The superfacial
Hollywood’s hardest-working actresses — Alison Brie and Michelle Monaghan to name but two — have facialist Biba de Sousa’s number on speed dial, thanks to her reputation as the go-to fixer when it comes to burnout and breakouts caused by early call times and heavy on-set make-up. “My clients are running around like crazy during awards season,” says de Sousa, who treated Brie to a three-hour session before the Golden Globes. “They come in tired and want to leave looking rested and rejuvenated.” De Sousa’s red-carpet weapon of choice is a next-generation, three-in-one machine called OxyGeneo, which exfoliates, delivers a custom infusion of active ingredients onto the skin and then oxygenates using CO2 bubbles that gently burst on the skin surface, creating a physiological response that sends oxygen-rich blood to the area. “You walk out looking bright-eyed and emanating wellness,” she promises.
In London Arezoo, from £195

Wake Up Your Skin With Derma-Planing


Published in the Hollywood Beauty Secrets Newsletter

One of the best kept secrets in Brentwood, CA. is the Bradley Signature Scrape, performed by “Master Skin Transforming Guru" Heather Bradley.  I’m usually not into facials, but THIS is something different. 

The Bradley Signature Scrape is a non-invasive and highly effective skin exfoliating treatment. The entire process takes about 120 minutes. This unique artisan scraping treatment combines various peels andderma-planing (scraping) to remove vellus hairs, old and new upper dermis skin cells, and any growths on the skin. 

With a feather-lite scalpel and gentle precision, Heather herself, gently and carefully scrapes the epidermis. Derma-planing stimulates the body’s own repair system, causing a collagen micro-fibro blast, increased blood flow and circulation, andactivation of healthy oil and natural protein production; resulting in radiant skin and strengthened tissue. Derma-planing is a great way to rejuvenate the skin. It’s also beneficial to those who wish to resurface uneven skin due to acne scars or pock marked skin. For best results, Heather would recommend treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, as skin cells begin to turn over.

The treatment is very relaxing with no downtime.  Afterward the skin absorbs products more effectively. So I applied my peptide and hyaluronic acid-rich Skin Uplift Serum in the day and night. Another good choice, especially during these dry weather conditions, is Night Perfect Serum. Both serums will help to speed the healing process, enhance plumpness, elasticity and hydration in the skin after derma-planing.

  Heather has been a medical esthetician for over 15 years. She is endorsed by Behrooz Torkian, MD., a leading plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills’ Lasky Clinics and is supported by the research of the Harvard professor and scientist, Marcelo Friere. Surprisingly, the 2 hour treatment costs only $225.00 at Bradley Beauty. For appointments, call or text 1-323-363-9682 and don’t forget to visit her website at

Celebrity Facialist Shares Skincare Secrets

Originally published on Olie Biologique

Why are women lining up to have their skin scraped?

Our friend and Olie fan, Heather Bradley is one of LA’s top celebrity facialists and best-kept anti-aging secrets. She’s spent years mastering skin-healing techniques under the world’s leading instructors, and developed the Bradley Signature Scrape—our latest skincare obsession! We sat down with her to talk about the benefits of skin scraping and get her expert beauty tips.

What is the Bradley Signature Scrape?

It’s my own special dermaplaning treatment (also called blading or leveling the skin). It’s a power-packed two-hour anti-aging facial that includes three steps of intense exfoliation followed by a medley of serums and face food, including Olie’s 006 Calming Oil.

How is the scrape done?

I start with a very thin blade, which I carefully manipulate to scrape away dead skin layers from the chest up through the neck, face and then tightly around the eyes. It’s truly amazing the amount of skin we simply do not get off in other treatments.

What are the benefits?

Smooth, fresh and glowing skin! Dermaplaning removes all of the uneven layers from years of being on this earth fighting the elements and lets the skin breathe freely again. It’s healthy trauma that encourages new cell growth along with proteins and collagen that aid in the healing.

Are there any risks involved?

Dermaplaning does require special skill to avoid nicks and cuts (for my clients and for me!), but it’s not painful or uncomfortable. In fact, a lot of my clients tell me it’s very relaxing. And the results are spectacular.

Why do you think people are gravitating toward dermaplaning vs. lasers or chemical procedures?

The skin LOVES it! And you can’t argue with the results. I also think consumers have become immune to the pomp and circumstance of beauty. They’re looking for more natural solutions. Dermaplaning gives them immediate results with no down time. It wakes up the face but with no burn to it.

What are the advantages to using “green” products on your skin?

The benefit to going green with your skincare is simple. It’s food our skin can digest. I’ve been called a “Skin Chef,” because it’s my job to feed the skin what it needs to stay radiant and healthy. Our bodies understand pure and natural ingredients and our skin literally eats them up – one of my skincare secrets.

Why do you use skincare oils?

Oils are wonderful, but too often overlooked. They’re excellent vehicles to carry other products into the skin or use on their own. I often end treatments with Olie’s 006 Calming Oil to heal and feed the skin, which at that point is so eager to drink up all those nutrients.

Why do you use Olie rather than other organic skincare products?

I love the knowledge behind Olie’s unique oil blends and the results on the skin. The skin digests it so easily! I also love the quality control of Olie products. Oils can be hard to preserve and many are rancid right off the shelves. Olie always smells fresh and feels luxurious.

What’s a skincare mistake most women make?

They don’t understand what they’re putting on their skin. You need to know what’s in that bottle. Keep it pure, natural and simple. They should also remember that beauty doesn’t only come from good genes, little pills and miraculous potions—it radiates from within!

One more tip from Olie founder Linda Thomson:

Skincare can multi-task as make-up! At the end of the day, or when prepping for a night out, refresh your face with a hydrating mist then press a few drops of 005 Rejuvenating Oil over your blush along the highlight areas of your face: tops of the cheekbones, on lip’s cupid’s bow and brush the remainder into your brows.

Pure Wow

Originally published on Pure Wow

A Close Shave

Rough skin is scraped away in dermaplaning

When a friend calls to say her skin has never looked better and she has a magical facialist, the first thing we usually do is book an appointment. But when we heard about aesthetician Heather Bradley’s secret weapon, dermaplaning, we put down the phone: Bradley would be shaving our face? (Ewww.) Then, after another reassuring chat with our friend, we made an appointment--and it really wasn’t scary at all. 

Bradley, a seasoned spa aesthetician who runs a small West L.A. studio for her private clients, takes a sterile surgical scalpel and, in small strokes, shaves your face--it’s actually quite soothing. Dermaplaning removes tiny vellus hairs as well as the top layer of dead skin, and it razes any stray coarse hairs that pop up due to hormonal fluctuation.

Next Bradley gave us an antiaging facial using Guinot and Ayur-Medic products along with Santa Barbara-harvested lavender essential oil, which we swear we could feel being slurped into our now-unplugged pores. When we emerged from the chair after the two-hour, $185 treatment, our skin did have an unusual radiance, plumpness and super-softness.

As we left, Bradley assured us thicker hair re-growth is a beauty myth--but we’ll be coming back in a month to remove more dull winter skin.